martes, 8 de abril de 2014

My Discovery!

Everyone knows that 100% of my time I spend creating presentations. At the beginning anyone thought I am crazy and that I can’t gain money creating a powerpoint, for example. I have started discovering social networks and important pages like and 
There I noticed that a lot of people had profiles and they really make money offering services to the big companies that post they jobs on these pages. I have created a profile myself and start bidding for presentation jobs that were posted. 
The first months I was very disappointed. No one actually wanted to employ me to create their presentations. 
Because I was new on the page and I didn’t have feedback and rating from previous jobs. 
The truth is that I didn’t have a good portfolio, neither.
So, I have decided to leave the powerpoint presentations and start creating something where is not so much competition.  I was looking for a tool to create amazing presentations. Something new and unique. And I found it! I found the prezi tool. Prezi is a software which allows you to zoom in and out  into the whiteboard and present your ideas on a virtual canvas. 
I have found a lot of information about prezi on google and I have discovered that it was created in 2009 in Hungary and now there are more than 10 million people who use this Hungarian software :)
I have decided to learn how it works and the truth is that is not very complicated. Of course… it’s not complicated to create a simple presentation. But if you want to design a presentation to be sold you have to learn way more. So, right now I am searching the internet for prezi business example so I can see the design that most of the businesses are looking for.  
I will keep you in touch with my prezi evolution!

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