jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

My first attempt with prezi

Hi everyone! Hope you are well!

Today I have decided to share with you a prezi presentation I love. I found it looking for a professional business presentation and I found this web page. These guys look very professional. I will follow their line and try to copy and inspire my prezi’s from their style. For instance I love this presentation they have created to present the prezi software and the beautiful thing you can create using it.I have copy it here from their web page www.prezipresentation.net

The template they use for this prezi is free. Just creating a prezi account you can enjoy a lot of templates, themes and images that can make your work way easier if you are a beginner. I will use the same background image and try to copy this presentation and see if I can make something with the same quality. Of course this thing I do it’s only for me to learn. To learn how to use the zoom, how to make the movements without having to transmit the dizziness that prezi can give if you don’t know how to use the zooms. I also feel that I need help choosing the right colours for my presentations. I see that the page I was recommended above has also a post where they advise people how to use the colors in business presentations. I love it! I think I will learn a lot of things from here. I actually don’t like the gray too much but they say it creates the idea of a serious and strong business. In my opinion a good color for a strong business could be blue, a dark blue like this one  NNNNN  :)
Yes, we all know that the client’s opinion is very strong in this point, too. An the branding colours of course. I guess a presentation for Coca Cola cannot be gray or black…. Wright? :D

martes, 8 de abril de 2014

My Discovery!

Everyone knows that 100% of my time I spend creating presentations. At the beginning anyone thought I am crazy and that I can’t gain money creating a powerpoint, for example. I have started discovering social networks and important pages like freelancer.com and elance.com 
There I noticed that a lot of people had profiles and they really make money offering services to the big companies that post they jobs on these pages. I have created a profile myself and start bidding for presentation jobs that were posted. 
The first months I was very disappointed. No one actually wanted to employ me to create their presentations. 
Because I was new on the page and I didn’t have feedback and rating from previous jobs. 
The truth is that I didn’t have a good portfolio, neither.
So, I have decided to leave the powerpoint presentations and start creating something where is not so much competition.  I was looking for a tool to create amazing presentations. Something new and unique. And I found it! I found the prezi tool. Prezi is a software which allows you to zoom in and out  into the whiteboard and present your ideas on a virtual canvas. 
I have found a lot of information about prezi on google and I have discovered that it was created in 2009 in Hungary and now there are more than 10 million people who use this Hungarian software :)
I have decided to learn how it works and the truth is that is not very complicated. Of course… it’s not complicated to create a simple presentation. But if you want to design a presentation to be sold you have to learn way more. So, right now I am searching the internet for prezi business example so I can see the design that most of the businesses are looking for.  
I will keep you in touch with my prezi evolution!